Animation industry veteran Rob Davies has joined Vancouver, Canada-based Slap Happy Cartoons as a partner along with studio founders Greg Sullivan, Kathy Antonsen and Josh Mepham.

“I’m honored to be a part of their story,” says Davies. Slap Happy Cartoons embodies everything you think of when you hear ‘animation studio.’ They make great cartoons with a perfectly balanced blend of fun and professionalism. This is a tremendous opportunity for me, and hopefully they feel the same way.”

Slap Happy Cartoons co-founder Kathy Antonsen says, “We worked with Rob in the very early days of our careers, and we’ve followed his successes over the years. He shares our passion for producing great cartoons. We’re so excited about collaborating and building an even stronger reputation for Slap Happy in the future with Rob on our team.”

Davies brings with him over three decades of animation experience. Starting as an artist in the trenches, Rob successfully navigated the tumultuous waters of the animation industry in a variety of roles on productions such as Beetlejuice, Tasmania, Sonic The Hedgehog, Eek The Cat, The Mighty Ducks, Savage Dragon, The Oblongs, Asterix, The Zeta Project, Animaniacs, and Pinky & The Brain, for which he won an Emmy as director.

Rob’s proprietary creator, developer, and producer credits include Atomic Betty, Captain Flamingo, and Pirate Express. Davies is the co-founder of one of Vancouver’s most successful studios, Atomic Cartoons.

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